The Challenge

Medly Pharmacy set out to create a personalized, affordable, and convenient pharmacy to service everyone. They needed help building their brand to differentiate themselves from other delivery services in the New York Tri-state area.

Our Approach

We created an entirely new brand that was inspired by their customers needs. The customers are smart and savvy. They want a reliable neighborhood pharmacy that is dependable and that helped us create the brand direction.

Visual Identity

Medly operates in a serious industry. So we created a tone that helps Medly stand out in a stuffy industry. We developed a playful tone for the brand that would bring out their personality and create a sense of ease for the customers.

Brand Experience

Most Medly customers experience the brand digitally on a mobile device. So our brand needed to be as impactful and intuitive on a smartphone as printed material. We worked with developers to create a seamless experience between both iOS and Android devices.


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Campaigns & content
Web & app design